Big ideas or small ones – we do both. Our focus is to develop revenue-generating strategies to help you continue to grow your business. And, we deliver them to targeted prospects in the most effective way.

We help you engage prospects, deliver performance, and create memorable and distinctive brand experiences. We’ll raise the bar for your industry and help you make waves to wipe out your competitors.

We work closely with each of our clients to examine and improve marketing and sales efforts as well as models and processes.

Working with your sales team or as a comprehensive outsourced solution, Producers Digital Network provides a process that will significantly improve prospect identification, contact strategy, verification, and closing.

We Make It Easy and
Cost-Effective to Get Started


Producers+ is a layered systematic marketing approach to your advertising campaign. We combine digital advertising campaigns with e-mail, organic search, and content creation to produce a powerful combination of marketing that will increase your conversion rates.

Producers Digital

Producers Digital is an advertising lead generation system that puts your message in front of your target audience. We use our proprietary data and a cross platform approach to find the right prospects for your brand. Producers Digital is a turnkey program which means we write and design the ads, manage the campaigns, automate lead delivery to your CRM, and report real-time results.

Each year Producers Digital Network takes on a small number of projects, providing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing and business development services that assist clients with accelerating deal flow, moving prospects in the direction our clients want them to go.

We Work Smarter

Gathering and knowing how to use data to target prospects requires a lot of effort and a lot of time. Something few are willing to do, but we’ve become experts at it.

By leveraging data analytics – studying traffic patterns, keyword trends, page activity, exit pages, and ROI from paid and organic media campaigns – we work smarter, so your digital strategy works harder for you and delivers the results you’re looking for.

Our micro-targeting marketing focuses on communicating your message to target groups, and A/B splits help us understand what’s working, what’s not, and why.

Everything is summarized in our customer scorecard report. So you always have the analytics necessary to grow your business.

We Have a Proven Approach

We take a “conversation first” approach to the online user experience. We build websites that build trust, convert online traffic to leads, design landing pages that grab attention, and write and produce content conversation e-books and white papers.

We develop and manage traffic generating programs like digital advertising, search engine optimization, retargeting, social media content distribution, and programmatic advertising. We also write and optimize compelling blog content that helps improve listing on the search engines as well as drive traffic to your website.

Successful sales development requires skill, planning, and research. By identifying and qualifying prospects, we provide a unique opportunity for businesses to maximize and accelerate their sales efforts. We’ll help you turn information seekers into buyers.

We’re Ready to Start Working With You

There are five of us, each bringing our own area of expertise. Each dedicated to learning your business and
helping you shake things up and make waves.

We’ve worked together for years. We enjoy each other’s company and the work we produce together. We
hope it shows. Get to know us a little better…


In 2005 David founded the award-winning Producers Digital Network to assist companies with improving the customer experience and loyalty through the integration of digital technology. Producers Digital Network automates, personalizes, tests, and analyzes lead generation and sales promotion through innovative prospect segmentation, marketing content development and management, behavior scoring, nurturing, and digital technology. David and his team have developed a multitude of digital marketing products including web, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content, blogging, e-mail, affiliate marketing, and data analytics. His digital insider’s blog has a loyal following.

Senior Digital Art Specialist

Troy has over 25 years of graphic design experience that he puts to work for our clients. Over the years, he’s won many advertising awards for the high quality of his work. He has a lot of experience in franchising, real estate, beverage, and multiple other verticals. Troy has been working with Producers Digital Network since 2005.

Vice President, Content Development

An industry veteran for over 20 years, Madonna brings an effective and creative approach to all of the client content we create. She has won numerous awards for her work and has a broad range of experience in marketing communications. She has worked on both the client side as well as the agency side, writing copy, providing art direction, and performing other marketing functions for a diverse list of clients. Madonna has been working with Producers Digital Network since its founding.

Senior Technology & Media Specialist

Laurean is our technology guru. She helps us build customized marketing systems for our clients that maximize the online experience and work to drive leads. She brings an expertise in website optimization, SEO, paid media, and digital marketing. Laurean has been working with Producers Digital Network since 2011.

Senior Sales Development Specialist

Michael has been in franchise development and brokerage for many years. If it has to do with franchising, Michael knows about it. He currently owns his own firm that develops and implements growth strategies for franchisors. He has helped hundreds of franchisors over the years. He has been working with Producers Digital Network since 2016.