Big ideas or small ones – we do both. Our focus is to develop revenue-generating strategies to help you continue to grow your business. But, even the best strategies go nowhere if they’re not delivered to the right audience. So, we deliver them to targeted prospects in the most effective way.

We’re a B2B firm that believes in making the process enjoyable – for you and for us. Our sales and marketing strategies are designed to deliver results. We help you engage prospects, deliver performance, and create memorable and distinctive brand experiences. We’ll raise the bar for your industry and help you elbow out your competitors.

We work closely with each of our clients to examine and improve marketing and sales efforts as well as models and processes. This includes: the selling and buying process, data mining, lead generation, creating and distributing marketing content, and the conversion-to-sale process. Where necessary, sales and marketing technology will be deployed to help improve the efficiency of the marketing and business development process.

Working with your sales team or as a comprehensive outsourced solution, Producers Digital Network provides a process that will significantly improve prospect identification, contact strategy, verification, and closing. Each year Producers Digital Network takes on a small number of projects providing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing and business development services that assist clients with accelerating deal flow, moving prospects in the direction our clients want them to go.

Gathering and knowing how to use data to target prospects requires a lot of effort and a lot of time. Something few are willing to do. What if by leveraging data analytics every salesperson could quickly and easily understand and qualify their prospects to make the right ask to the right prospect at the right time? We can make that happen.

We study traffic patterns, keyword trends, page activity, exit pages, and ROI from paid and organic media campaigns. Our micro-targeting marketing focuses on communicating your message to target groups, and A/B splits help us understand what is working, what’s not, and why. And, everything is summarized in our customer scorecard report. So you always have the analytics necessary to grow your business.

Here are some other ways we help.

We take a “conversation first” approach to the online user experience.  We build websites that build trust, convert online traffic to leads, design landing pages that grab attention, and write and produce content conversation e-books and white papers. We develop and manage traffic generating programs like digital advertising, search engine optimization, retargeting, social media content distribution, and programmatic advertising. We write and optimize compelling blog content that helps improve listing on the search engines as well as drive traffic to your website.  We’ll help you turn information seekers into buyers.
Successful sales development requires skill, planning, and research. By successfully identifying and qualifying prospects, we provide a unique opportunity for businesses to maximize and accelerate their sales efforts. Our process enables marketing and sales development professionals to generate and rank prospects based on their profile and product interest. Our experience provides a unique view on how to accelerate the sales efforts of small businesses and franchisors.



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Take Their Word for It

David Bloom
Chief Development Officer, Capriotti’s

“The Producers Network is the best in the business when it comes to designing and implementing cutting-edge digital advertising strategies.”

Martin O’Dowd
Vice Chairman, Hurricane Grill & Wings

“The Producers Network uses the latest in digital analytics to help us understand how to best improve franchise development lead flow.”

Brett Heiman
Vice President, Franchise Development
Rave Restaurant Group

“The Producers Network delivers digital marketing programs that have helped Rave Restaurant Group (Pizza Inn & Pie Five Pizza) grow its brands.”

Bruce Evans
Vice President, Franchise Development

“You have helped us to build a great foundation and halo of recognition around the brand. Our success this year would have been muted without the support of a great partner like you and The Producers Network.”